Scilla B.

NYC born x CT based singer songwriter.

"Truck Bed = Real Bed" Lyric Cuff


"Truck Bed = Real Bed" Lyric Cuff


Have you ever gotten a ton of blankets and pillows and threw that Chevy in four wheel drive and slept under the stars? Because I can assure you that any truck bed can be a real bed if you want it to be...Original Song: Chasing Old Virginia.


These copper bracelets are hand hammered & stamped (by me!) on 100% solid copper bracelet cuffs.

Each bracelet features a lyric from an original song or a mantra that means a lot to me. Buying a lyric cuff at a show and want to hear the song that goes with it? Just ask & I am happy to play it!

Custom bracelets are available - email for more information! 

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