Scilla B.

NYC born x CT based singer songwriter.

The YES Cuff


The YES Cuff


The YES bracelet means a lot to me. I found myself saying NO to a lot of things a few years ago, "no thank you, I will not drive cross country with you...", "No thank you I will not go see that concert because it is a 3 hour drive...", "No thank you I will not date you because I know that we will never work out in the long term..." WHY NOT? The YES cuff is meant to inspire anyone who wears one to say YES to the crazy opportunities, to say YES to the things that will leave you exhausted in the morning but with incredible memories, to say YES to the things that you want to say yes to but you feel obligated to do the responsible thing and say no. I had a year of YES's and it was the most adventure-filled year of my life.

So say yes --- but not to drugs, kids.


These copper bracelets are hand hammered & stamped (by me!) on 100% solid copper bracelet cuffs.

Each bracelet features a lyric from an original song or a mantra that means a lot to me. Buying a lyric cuff at a show and want to hear the song that goes with it? Just ask & I am happy to play it!

Custom bracelets are available - email for more information! 

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