Scilla B.

NYC born x CT based singer songwriter.

"Boom Boom Boom" Lyric Cuff

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boom booom.jpg

"Boom Boom Boom" Lyric Cuff


You know when the only sound you hear is the BOOMING beats coming from your chest when you are with that one person who makes your heart RACE? Yeah - that's what this cuff is about. Original Song: Heartbeat


These copper bracelets are hand hammered & stamped (by me!) on 100% solid copper bracelet cuffs.

Each bracelet features a lyric from an original song or a mantra that means a lot to me. Buying a lyric cuff at a show and want to hear the song that goes with it? Just ask & I am happy to play it!

Custom bracelets are available - email for more information! 

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