Scilla B.

NYC born x CT based singer songwriter.

Talking about oneself is so awkward. I don't even know where to begin. Born March 25th, 1990. Aries. Chinese Year of the Horse. 100% believe in ghosts. boo. I LIVE for scaring the daylights out of the people I love & get the most enjoyment out of the reactions from my mama. Family is everything - they are my entire world & pretty much my only friends. Speaking of family - mine rocks. I have three sisters - which means it is never boring - or quiet - when everyone is home. Our Mom & Dad are superstars & still in love after 28 years of marriage. My Grandma is actually one of my best friends and you will regularly see her grace my social media - we cover songs from Amazing Grace to Drop it Like it's Hott. It is impossible to outshine her - she has her own fans which forced the issue of her own Instagram, @IGotItFromMyGrandma (Follow, Like & Comment for a good time!) I went to Northeastern University in Boston (go Huskies!) where I studied Communications & Film/Production Industry. I also found my faith in college - whadddup Jesus!

I taught myself guitar junior year of HS. I was inspired by none other than the Jonas Brothers. Big Fan. I think my sisters, cousins and I have been to 20+ JoBro concerts and let me tell you...we are UNASHAMED. I began songwriting when I was 20; the first one I ever wrote was about my sister - the second one I ever wrote was about a boy. Which is pretty symbolic because sisters always come before boyfriends. I grew up on Bob Marley, Tom Jones, Earth Wind & Fire, & James Taylor and I'm drawn to singer-songwriters like Gavin DeGraw, John Mayer, Tyler Hilton, Colbie Callait and Sam Hunt. I drive a Jeep Wrangler and tend to take the doors & top off on days where it is a littttle too chilly, JUST BECAUSE I CAN.

Did I pass? We friends? Good, 'cause my family is so sick of me...

Scilla B.